How to Become an Affiliate Marketer with Amazon

If you want to know how to become an affiliate marketer with Amazon, it’s pretty straight forward.
One or two conditional requirements have been altered recently to further verify ownership and proof of a web property but providing you have some content that is relevant to what you want to promote on your blog or website then you should have no issues with being accepted.

Amazon has a wide variety of widgets, banners and text links for you to use on your website. You even have the option of creating a whole store front full of items to sell – it looks like a professional online store. Use this type of setup only if you know what you are doing however; creating a whole store front with visions of becoming one stop shop is not the most effective setup for an Internet shop. Apart from that, Amazon really has some great customization and advertisement options for you.

Let’s go through the steps and I will show you how to become an affiliate marketer with Amazon right now.

  1.  Firstly, you need to find your amazon associates or affiliates link. This is normally located at the bottom of your Amazon’s store.

amazon affiliate setup

2. Click the “join now for free!” button.

amazon signup

3. Next, provide an email address for future correspondence and account access.

amazon sign in

4. Fill out your name, email and password and continue.

amazon registration

5. Now you have to complete details for the affiliate program. Name, address etc.

amazon details

6. Finally, complete the name of your website, it’s URL (the name you put in the address bar) and what your website is about.

During weekdays, amazon will typically respond within 24 hours. I have heard during weekends, it may take a day or so longer. Amazon will inform you if you have been successful or not with your application.

If you have been successful, access your account settings and confirm and alter any preferential information; e.g address, payment options, payment holding information etc.

If you reside in certain parts of the world, you will have different payment options available to you.

Links and Banners

Text links inside lets you build custom links, custom image links to specific items showing you some information about the item also.

With banners, you can choose to link to any category or promotion using a wide variety of sizes, shapes and banners that are attributed to special occasions.


Amazon widgets are great interactive applications you can add to your webpage and they are customizable. There are carousel widgets, hot deals widgets, slide show widgets, MP3 clips widgets and so many more.

To easily add your tracking link to an item, page or store is to visit the page where the item is located. Click the “link to this page” tab on the top left of the amazon page. Select your options and you will be given a generated code for you to place on you website.

Link to amazon

Once inside your amazon affiliate account, I would strongly recommend getting familiar with what is available to you. Amazon has created a getting started guide that very clearly and easily walks you through what the amazon associates program is and how to use it’s links, banners and stores to earn commissions.

Visit the getting started tour here.

Also reading how to get started with affiliate marketing is equality as useful. Check it out.

ATTENTION: Those residing in California are now unfortunately unable to take part in the Amazon Associates program. Please refer to Amazon’s affiliate terms to see updates about your own state before you sign up.


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